Police Officer Adopts Little Girl He Rescued From Abusive Household

An inspiring story of an officer helping shape the future of little 4-year-old Kaila's life by rescuing her from a truly dire situation! 🚓

"They really wanted Kaila to be a permanent addition to their family. Brian said, “our goal was to love and care for this little girl for as long as it happened”. And their wish was answered when on August 13 they were able to officially adopt Kaila, the adoption ceremony was held at Mohave County Superior Court in Lake Havasu City." 💙

Source: https://ronproject.com/police-officer-adopts-abused-girl/?fbclid=IwAR2qLXjaHtNWJoeSnwYGQqx5VscgZdwOpTOUYEqT2bMWUlnBrOn9Pq3V8iQ